Sparring with Rembrandt
by Monroe Katz

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“Birgitte’s War,” Elsebeth Schoenberger’s wonderful novel of a young girl’s coming of age and work in the Danish Resistance has received rave reviews here in the United States and in her native Denmark.

In her hometown of Napa, California, Elsebeth has received lavish attention in the local newspaper and bookstore, and she has appeared on KVON radio in a 30-minute exclusive interview. She is also speaking to local schoolchildren, giving them a true inside look at what happened in Europe during World War II.

To learn more, go to: You can read the glowing reviews and order Birgitte’s War at Cover design by Dorothy Carico Smith.
Dr. Monroe Katz is a successful writer, painter, playwright and dentist in Napa, California. Growing up sensitive and poor in Brooklyn, Monroe’s first love was painting, but his aunt ripped up his drawings and did everything she could to stifle his artistic yearnings and push him into a more reliable profession.

In this marvelous autobiographical novel, Dr. Katz explains how he overcame all the obstacles in his path and -- thanks to periodic visits from his mentor Rembrandt van Rijn -- went on to fulfill his dreams as an artist. To see the rave reviews and to order “Sparring with Rembrandt,” please visit

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