One day Elsebeth Schoenberger walked into a creative writing class in Napa, California, and suddenly realized she had an important story to tell, the story of her work in the Danish Resistance.

Soon Elsebeth brought forth Birgitte’s War, a novel based on her own experiences when the Nazis stormed in and occupied her hometown of Randers. It is not only a moving, compelling story of a young woman coming face to face to with Nazi horror and anti-Semitism. It is also a warning that terror and prejudice have raised their heads yet again, even in her beloved Denmark.

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Monroe Katz grew up in the streets of Brooklyn with several strikes against him. His mother, a painter, died three days after she gave birth to him. and his father was both a deadbeat and a mooch. Even as a young boy, Monroe set off on a most difficult quest: to become a painter in his own right and connect with his missing mother in the process. The result of Monroe’s quest? 

Today he is an award-winning painter, and an accomplished writer as well. In “Sparring with Rembrandt.” Katz unfurls his own life story through his alter-ego, Norman. The result is a novel rich in feeling and insight, not just about art but what it takes to succeed in life. For reviews and more about Monroe, see and: 

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Jim Holden has long had the itch to write.

An accomplished lawyer and long a history buff, Jim had the perfect subject in mind: Marin County, one of America's most interesting corners.

Jim has resided in Marin for more than 40 years, and three years ago he decided to dig into Marin County history and lore. The result is a wonderful group of stories of the land, its natural assets like Mt. Tam, and the amazing characters that have touched Marin and influenced its history.

In these pages, you will find Teddy Roosevelt, John Muir, A.P. Giannini, the founder of the Bank of America, an early California pioneer named Martha Buckalew, and scores of other rebels, rascals and visionaries. The book will be published later this fall
under our sister imprint, Val de Grace Books. 

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