The Services We Provide

         Writing books is a lot like making wine: you need to start with quality grapes and then, with hard work and artistry, turn those grapes into the finest of wines.

        Our mission at Silverado Books is to give our fellow authors an opportunity to craft their finest wines and then share them with a wide and eager reading public.

          We work with established authors and emerging authors who have the necessary vision, discipline, and talent. We are especially keen to find authors with authentic voices, fresh ideas and approaches, and hard-earned wisdom in their given realms. 

          When you come to us, we provide you with a full range of services that are specially designed to help you create the book of your dreams. Our services include:

          -- Helping you “see” the book and conceptualize it for optimum commercial and literary success.  

          -- Helping you structure the story for maximum clarity and impact.

          -- Detailed mentoring in plot, character development, story flow, and more.

          -- High-end editing and proof reading.

          -- Cover design. Typography. Internal design. E-book formatting.

          -- Detailed consultations on publishing options. We explain how best to approach agents and publishers and what you need to know about self-publishing and eBooks.

          -- Professional advice on publishing and distributing with Silverado Books.

          -- Finally, we offer guidance on how to effectively promote your book using both traditional PR help and also social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging, and more. This is key to success and we will guide you through the process.

          Writing books can be enormously satisfying and rewarding, but it can also be terribly frustrating. Every writer experiences these ups and downs. We're here to help!

​          To start the process, email us at:

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